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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Scientific Sense® Podcast with Gill Eapen: Most popular episodes in Physical Sciences in 2020

 Scientific Sense® Podcast with Gill Eapen: Most popular episodes in Physical Sciences in 2020, rated by audience engagement across all platforms including Spotify, Apple and YouTube.

1. Prof. Joshua Frieman of the University of Chicago on the evolution of the universe.

2 Prof. Daniel Holz of the University of Chicago on gravitational waves.

3. Prof. Keith Olive of the University of Minnesota on the early evolution of the universe.

4. Prof. Gregory Laughlin of Yale University on computation and AI.

5. Prof. Raja GuhaThakurta of the University of California, Santa Cruz on stars and galaxies.

6. Prof. Manfred Paulini of Carnegie Mellon University on standard model and supersymmetry.

7. Prof. Jason Wright of Penn State University on galactic settlement and Fermi paradox

8. Prof. Masood Parvania of the University of Utah on the electric grid.

9. Prof. Jack Burns of the University of Colorado Boulder on the Artemis program to the Moon.

10. Prof. Jenny Greene of Princeton University on blackholes.

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