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Monday, June 21, 2021

Scientific Sense ® Podcast with Gill Eapen: Top 10 episodes by audience engagement in Life Sciences in 2021

1. Prof. Howard Fields of UCSF on Pain.

2. Prof. Su Guo of UCSF on Behaviors.

3. Prof. Francisco Quintana of Harvard on Astrocytes.

4. Prof. Arturo Alvarez-Buylla of UCSF on Interneurons.

5. Prof. Sarkis Mazmanian of Caltech on Microbiota

6. Prof. Scott Baraban of UCSF on Epilepsy.

7. Prof. Omar Ahmed of the University of Michigan on Navigation.

8. Prof. Woodward Fischer of Caltech on early Evolution.

9. Prof. Ted Gibson of Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Language.

10. Prof. William Renthal of Harvard on Migrane.

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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Scientific Sense ® Podcast with Gill Eapen: Top 10 episodes of all time by audience engagement in Physical Sciences

1. Prof. Cecilia Lunardini of the Arizona State University on neutrinos.

2. Prof. Wendy Freedman of the University of Chicago on the Hubble constant.

3. Prof. Michael Dickinson of Caltech on flight.

4. Prof. Josh Frieman of the University of Chicago on the evolution of the universe.

5. Prof. Daniel Holz of the University of Chicago on gravitational waves.

6. Prof. Keith Olive of the University of Minnesota on the early evolution of the universe.

7. Prof. Jenny Greene of Princeton University on black holes.

8. Prof. Richard Lebed of the Arizona State University on QCD exotica.

9. Dr. Masood Parvania of the University of Utah on the electric grid.

10. Prof. Ghassan AlRegib of the Georgia Institute of Technology on artificial intelligence.

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