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Sunday, April 18, 2021

  ® Podcast with Gill Eapen: Most popular podcasts in Physical Sciences.

1. Prof. Cecilia Lunardini of Arizona State University on neutrinos

2. Prof. Keith Olive of the University of Minnesota on the early evolution of the universe.

3. Dr. Masood Parvania of the University of Utah on the electric grid

4. Prof. Jenny Greene of Princeton University on black holes

5. Prof. Josh Frieman of the University of Chicago on the evolution of the universe.

6. Prof. Daniel Holz of the University of Chicago on gravitational waves

7. Professor Wendy Freedman of the University of Chicago on the Hubble constant

8. Prof. Ghassan AlRegib of the Georgia Institute of Technology on machine learning

9. Prof. David Spergel of Princeton University on the death of the universe

10. Prof Kit Parker of Harvard University on emerging technologies

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