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Thursday, January 21, 2021

The puzzle of life

It is puzzling. Any biological system accumulates so much pain and disutility that life continues to be the most enigmatic construct in logic. The only viable explanation has to be Physics based such as the unavoidability of such systems because of monotonically increasing entropy. However, given the free put option held by all life, it is unclear why it sustains beyond the short window of optimal exercise. The uncertainty in expected disutility is not sufficiently high to force a delay in this decision.

Fermi’s paradox looms over high statistical probabilities of a universe full of life. If pain is the governing attribute of life, more sophisticated forms will self expire so as to minimize disutility. That’s a possible explanation for the paradox. If so, it is possible that the universe will bifurcate into spaces where high forms of life voluntarily vanish and those where low forms of life accumulate pain. But why would we find the latter variety like us and all life around us. Perhaps to escape pain, life has to rise above the ordinary and to make itself irrelevant. That may not be an incremental process and one that presents a binary choice.

Are we presiding over a failed life system, one that did not choose to vanish but rather picked the wrong path to pain?

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