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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spooky action, closer

A recent article in the journal of Physical Review Letters discusses the possibility of practical teleportation using the known phenomenon of entanglement. By proving the possibility of serial and bulk teleportation of qbits, the authors open up endless possibilities in both quantum computing and space travel.

Ever since entanglement was shown to be real, it has been a constant source of inspiration and annoyance depending on where one sits on the quantum divide. Classical and traditional physics had overwhelmed the real but counterintuitive possibilities offered up by a theory that exposed the fundamental human weakness – a bias to his own scale and a preference for status-quo. For over fifty thousand years, humans have gotten used to object permanence and even babies are born with a firmware that fully accommodate such expectations. Research has provided tantalizing evidence that the brain is indeed a quantum computer, but ironically, most of it is unable to reprogram away from the stupor of evolution.

Extra-terrestrial life at different scales and sophistication may be able to accommodate such broader frameworks faster with an exponential increase in knowledge.

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